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heavy lifting pain

Smart Lifting Heavy Loads

Here are a few tips to help you lift that heavy load safely: Face the object you are preparing to ...
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Spring Chiropractic Check-Up

Spring is coming! Gardening, bike riding, outdoor walking, running, golf… what are you most excited for? With all these new ...
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work related back pain

Reduce Back Pain from Prolonged Standing

When you’re required to stand for long periods of time, consider wearing shock absorbent shoes or using an anti fatigue ...
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butter chicken recipe

New! Active Health Joins the Shape Reclaimed Family!

SHAPE ReClaimed for Extraordinary Results! SHAPE ReClaimed™ isn’t your typical dietary product that generally leads to hunger, tiredness and failure ...
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Gut Bacteria: Surprising Study Results on Alzheimer’s Patients

Whether it’s you or a family member, receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is a frightening outlook for one’s future ...
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The Negative Health Effects of Unemployment in Youths Living in Wealthy Countries

Research shows that unemployment can have devastating effects on health. However, in Gallup’s article, “Unemployment Bad for Youth’s Health in ...
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February 27, 2016

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