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Our Commitment to Quality:

Although cost is an important concern when searching for a new doctor quality of care should be a primary consideration.  Our practice goal is to successfully treat patient’s conditions in the fewest number of treatment sessions.  Therefore, Active Health Ltd participates in the ChiroUp practice support program.  ChiroUP compiles the latest medical research for our staff in order to provide the most clinically effective rehabilitation treatments.  In addition to using the most current medical research our protocols are compared to those of other doctors around the country in order to continually improve our patient outcomes. 

How many visits will I need?

One of the most frequently asked questions, and one of the hardest to answer. Because of our extensive experience, and the combined experience of others in the field, we can estimate the number of visits based on the industry average. Please see below.


Note these treatment times are self-reported by patients via third party survey. The results of the survey are limited to the number of patients responding. The average number of visits for Active Health providers may vary from the posted treatment statistic. Every patient is unique. Your Chiropractic Physician will be able to give a more accurate estimation of treatment time once an examination and treatment plan is created. The amount of treatment required for your condition may vary based on several factors including age, physical fitness, severity of injury and compliance.

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