adolescent weight lifting link to pain

Adolescent Weight Lifting Linked to Low Back Pain

A new study found that adolescent and younger competitive weightlifters have an increased risk of low back stress fractures, disc ...
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chronic neck pain relief

Chronic Neck Pain Relief

Yet another study has shown that chiropractic manipulation eases discomfort and improves function for patients with chronic neck pain. Click ...
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Stabilization Exercises for Back Pain

Yet another study has confirmed that patients with low back pain have less pain and improved function if they perform ...
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sit less move more

Resolve to Sit Less and Move More in 2019

You may have heard by now, “sitting is the new smoking”. Studies show that sitting for prolonged periods may contribute ...
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arthritis back pain

Lower Back Arthritis

Researchers have found that Lower back arthritis is associated with a buildup of fat within the muscles that support the ...
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torn rotator cuff

Chiropractic for Rotator Cuff Pain

A new study found that chiropractic spinal manipulation improves shoulder flexibility and increases the available space around the rotator cuff ...
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