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foam rolling pain relief

Increase Your Range of Motion with Foam Roller Exercises

Self-mobilization to Treat Neck Pain A new study shows great results from self massage using a foam roller. Foam rollers ...
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healthy cell phone use

Healthy Cell Phone Use

A recent study found higher rates of disc degeneration (arthritis) in the necks of participants with smartphone overuse as compared ...
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running for a healthy back

How Running Helps You Have a Healthy Back

Runners have healthier discs! A new study found that runners who have been running a greater number of years and ...
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Experiencing Shoulder Pain?

Do you have limited ability to raise your arm? “Subacromial Shoulder Pain” is pain at the front of the shoulder ...
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Should You Wear A Mask While Running Outside?

In short, no. Running and other outdoor activities can be beneficial to your physical and mental health, and boost your ...
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high cholesterol impacts pain

The Relationship Between High Cholesterol and Pain. 

A recent study found a significant tie between high cholesterol and pain. If you’re experiencing pain, consider making some dietary ...
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October 27, 2017