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Choose The Right Size Bike

Choose The Right Size Bike 🚴

A proper bike fit can dramatically affect your comfort level. A rough estimate for choosing the proper frame size is ...
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Muscle Pain From Gardening

Muscle Pain From Gardening

Be sure to treat your outdoor hobby like a workout – warming up beforehand and taking time to cool down ...
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fun exercise

Exercise Can Be Fun!

You may think the only way to get a good workout is to go to the gym and run. Well, ...
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mature adult fitness

Exercise and Fitness Tips for Mature Adults

Daily exercise is essential for everyone, particularly as we age. No matter if your career and family commitments put your ...
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common workout injuries

Prevent Common Workout Injuries

If you’ve vowed to exercise more this year, great! Exercise is one of the best things you can do for ...
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stay hydrated

Stay Hydrated! 💦

When we injure ourselves or create stress in the body, our system releases inflammatory chemicals that are initially helpful, but ...
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October 27, 2017