Spring Clean Your Healthy Routine

Spring is an inspiring time of year when most people are motivated to clean out and tidy up their homes ...
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mind body relaxation techniques

The Mind-Body Connection – Relaxation Techniques

Helpful Relaxation Techniques Mind-body practices include a variety of relaxation techniques to reduce tension and promote health. The following infographic ...
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Pain-Proof Your Workstation

Pain-Proof Your Workstation

Your office and workstation may be the place where good ideas come to fruition and productivity soars, but it can ...
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Hip Abductor Weakness

“Learn the signs and symptoms of Hip Abductor Weakness, plus what you can do for relief.”One very important job of ...
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Exercise Helps Fibromyalgia Pain

Here’s how: Strength training helps fibromyalgia patients by “reducing pain, fatigue, number of tender points, depression, and anxiety, with increased ...
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Walking with Fibromyalgia

Researchers confirmed that fibromyalgia patients who walk regularly report more energy and have a lower likelihood of additional diseases. If ...
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October 27, 2017

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