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cause of jaw pain

What Causes Jaw Pain 😬

What Causes Jaw Pain? A new study concluded that jaw pain is associated with: nail biting teeth grinding mouth breathing ...
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knee pain help

Experiencing Knee Pain? It could be due to your glutes! 🍑

Strengthening the gluteal muscles can help with knee pain. One exercise that might help is the Advanced Clam. See video ...
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healing Injury with water

Water Helps Heal Injuries

When we injure ourselves or create stress in the body, there is an inflammatory response to release chemicals that are ...
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Exercise Reduces Falling Risk

Exercise Reduces Falling Risk For Older Adults

A recent study suggests that older adults who exercise may reduce their risk of falls by more than 30% compared ...
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footwear tips

Footwear Tips

Improperly supported feet can affect the alignment of all of the structures above read on for footwear tips.To improve your ...
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Chiropractor’s Advice How To Prevent (And Treat) Runner’s Knee

If you've ever had Runners Knee, you know how painful it is and how hard it is to treat. “Runner’s ...
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October 27, 2017

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