thoracic rotation pain relief

Exercise of the Month – (Thoracic Rotation)

Thoracic Rotation: An easy exercise for your upper and mid-back. No equipment required! Thoracic Rotation Begin on your hands and ...
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low row exercise

Exercise of the Month – (Low Row)

Low Row Attach the center of an elastic exercise band to a doorknob or other sturdy object in front of ...
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water aerobic workout

Is Water Aerobics For You?

“Water Aerobics” simply means that you are exercising in the pool. Water exercise adds resistance but reduces the effect of ...
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Weight lifting important to cellular health

Weight Lifting Better than Cardio workouts for Improving Cellular Health

Cellular Damage Suffered in Older Muscles is Especially Harsh Everyone knows that aging takes a toll on a body, including ...
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turf toe

Condition of the Month – (Turf Toe)

Turf Toe “Turf toe” means that the strong fibrous ligaments connecting your big toe to your foot have been stretched ...
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cancer obesity link weight loss motivation

Obesity Linked to Cancer

A new research study published in the British Medical Journal has found strong evidence linking obesity and the development of ...
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October 27, 2017

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