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in Park Ridge, IL

The team at Active Health takes an integrative approach to health care utilizing Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture Therapy, Diet and Nutrition Counseling and Holistic Medicine.

Dr. John & Dr. Betty are some very amazing Doctors; I suffer from transverse myelitis which has caused paralysis of my left leg requiring me to use a wheelchair. I’m on my 7 visit with them and I can lift my heel off the ground and pull my leg back. This is the first time in 4 years since I could do this. They are very knowledgeable, honest and take their time with the patients. The receptionists are very friendly and helpful. I definitely recommended them!read more
Janice Wlodarek
18:14 31 Jul 19
Very helpful docs, friendly and responsive staff. It's easy to schedule appointents, so don't suffer anymore - give them a call!read more
Renya Krempl
16:33 08 Apr 19
Very friendly staff.
Dan Hooson
16:32 12 Mar 19
Dr. Betty was absolutely fantastic! I felt that she actively listened to my concerns, gave quality advice and provided excellent physical care. The staff is also wonderful! I would highly recommend!!read more
Sindra McMann
19:04 23 Jan 19
I am in my early thirties and had lower back pain. Dr John was able to identify the bad sitting habits while talking to me. I simply quit doing them and I don't feel the lower backpain again. I highly recommend Dr John and his more
Alaq Bakos
21:27 13 May 18
Friendly & always helpful. I love that Dr. John takes his time to truly listen and understand to any concerns you may more
Jen Bilbrey
23:51 16 Jan 18
The team here is wonderful. Highly recommended
lana manojlovic
16:05 06 Dec 17
Dr. Betty and Dr. John are so amazing! They are compassionate and understanding and very throrough. They genuinely care about your success in weight loss and support you 100% of the way. I have successfully lost 50 pounds on the ideal protein more
Val Dubbster
16:05 06 Dec 17
I found Active Health and Dr. John, tried them out based on the reviews I read online. I was looking for something close to home making it easier for me to get to their office. They are worth a drive now that I know about how well they treat you. My experience thus far has been very good and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for care. I have already talked about them to friends who based on my comments are going to try them out as well. Hope this helps more
Robert Nicezyporuk
13:51 14 Aug 17
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Chiropractic Medicine

Active Health utilizes the latest techniques in Chiropractic Medicine to relieve pain and return our patients to optimum health in the shortest time possible. We offer a hands-on, drug-free approach to wellness and pain relief.

active health acupuncture therapy

Acupuncture Therapy

Active Health employs the use of Acupuncture Therapy to help relieve pain, aid fertility, relieve stress and to enable the body’s natural restorative properties.

medical weight loss ideal protein

Weight Loss

Dieting Shouldn’t Last Forever! Embracing Smarter Eating Habits is the ONLY Path to Balanced Living. The first step to your goal is on this page.

holistic medicine, park ridge

Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine treats the whole body, diet, exercise, lifestyle instead of symptoms. Help underlying issues to relieve symptoms and speed recovery. You are not your disease!

clinical nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition – a scientific approach to personalized diet advice and supplements based on your individual needs.

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Rehabilitative Therapy

Rehabilitative Therapy supports your body’s effort to heal and relieve pain from accidents, injuries, falls and disease. member
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