Pain Relief

Pain Relief
avoid deconditioning

ADL Advice – Deconditioning

Use It or Lose It Proper maintenance is required for most things that we care about and this is particularly ...
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coping with holiday stress

Coping With Holiday Stress

As the season approaches, your stress factor increases. Give yourself the gift of self care, eat and drink in moderation ...
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shopping neck pain

Holiday Shopping Shouldn’t Be a Pain in the Neck…or Back

Treat Holiday Shopping Like an Athletic Event The holiday season is upon us – and with it, the aches and pains ...
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pain management

Chiropractic As A Component of Pain Management

Read the outcomes of one study that was used to determine the value of Medical Doctor and Chiropractic collaboration for ...
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crackdown on pain medication

Regulating Relief: The Crackdown on Pain Medications

The headlines have been full of raids on “pill mills.” Commentators have been applauding the tough new stance on narcotic ...
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tmj jaw pain relief

Do you treat TMJ or Jaw Pain?

Typical symptoms of TMJ include: jaw clicking limited mouth opening possible jaw locking pain Chewing and eating usually make your symptoms ...
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