Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Waking Up With Neck or Back Pain? Choose Correct Pillow

Your Pillow May Cause Your Neck or Back Pain.To avoid neck and upper back pain from improper neck support:Select a ...
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Chiropractic Care Can Ease Opioid Crisis

Most musculoskeletal problems are caused by “mechanical” triggers, like falls, poor posture, and strains that are not well addressed by ...
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Spring Clean Your Healthy Routine

Spring is an inspiring time of year when most people are motivated to clean out and tidy up their homes ...
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Sidestepping Your Achilles Heel Pain

A new review of Achilles tendon research identified several factors that lead to injury:Prior injuryUse of (quinolone) antibioticsModerate alcohol useTraining ...
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3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Your Pain

A new study concluded that “Early conservative treatment for acute low back pain 1.  reduces health service utilization and costs ...
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Avoiding Back Surgery with Conservative Care

A three-year study found that many patients with a degenerative spinal disease can avoid surgery through conservative treatment…like the type ...
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October 27, 2017

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