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Caffeine bad for arthritis

Caffeine And Arthritis

Researchers have determined that caffeine may not be helpful for arthritis sufferers. Our top recommendations for arthritis: ✔️Stay active - ...
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Spinal Manipulation supports Muscle Strength

Spinal Manipulation + Muscle Strength

Once again, research has shown that spinal manipulation helps to improve muscle strength. It’s no surprise why the world’s top ...
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child back pain

Lower Back Pain In Adolescents

Researchers have found that up to 40% of adolescents complain of lower back pain. 👎 Unfortunately, young sufferers have a ...
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concussion tips

Concussion Tips

Researchers have found that when it comes to concussions, playing on artificial turf is no more dangerous than playing on ...
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running short of breath

Running Out Of Breath! Hands On The Knees Or Hips? 🤔

A recent study determined that intense aerobic exercisers (like runners) can recover their breath and bring their heart rate down ...
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spinal manipulaiton for military

Chiropractic Improves Function & Eases Pain

A recent study involving US military personnel with low back pain found that chiropractic manipulation: ✅ Improved strength, endurance and ...
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October 27, 2017