...thinks "outside of box" regarding other health problems...

I went to Dr. John Panopoulos after going to another chiropractor for 8 months with unsatisfactory results. I arrived 15 minutes early for the first appointment to fill out new patient forms. Dr. John listend attentively and after examining my back devised a strategy plan to alleviate my pain and discomfort. Dr. John is extremely knowledgeable about different chiropractic techniques and I got wonderful results from the adjustments and manipulations he made. There was minimal or no soreness or pain after my 6 visits with him. He also thinks “outside of box” regarding other health problems might be the cause of your neck/back pain. Toward my last visit, he offered lifestyle changes and exercises to strengthen weak muscles in order to remain pain free and healthy. His office has same day appointments and the staff was very polite and friendly. His office also has quite a number of athletes as patients and Dr. John is quite experienced with sports injuries. After he heard I also suffer from plantar fasciitis (arch and heel pain) he was able to give me advice on orthotics and the types of shoes to wear for foot problems such as these. After having said all of this, Dr. John is such a darn, nice guy and I recommend him highly.

mary kole
...when I am in pain he fixes it fast!

I’ve been coming to Dr. Panopoulos for few years and when I am in pain he fixes it fast! I am suprised by his compassion and the top notch treatment he provides to his patients. He has stayed open late for me during emergencies and has even calls and check in just to make sure I’m doing better.

Betty has been such a great motivator...

Betty has been such a great motivator for me. As her patient I am currently visiting her on a weekly basis for the Ideal Protein Diet. I have had such amazing results from this product. I would have been able to do it without Betty’s help and support I have officially lost a bit over 45 lbs. with in 4 months. Its a great location right off the highway 294, plenty of parking, and great service. I would and have recommenced people to this office and encourage others to go.

mrbarry loyola
Dr John was able to relieve my pain within a few weeks

I have been to chiropractors in the past only to find that the relief from my pain was temporary. Dr John was able to relieve my pain within a few weeks. He showed me how to make my office more user friendly to prevent flare ups. I feel that the exercises he gave me are helping my neck stay strong.

Joseph P.
Dr Panopoulos and his staff have been able to get me back on my feet

I’ve been going to Dr. Panopoulos for 3 years now for a good reason I play hockey in a mens league. I have had multiple injuries over the years both big ang small. Dr Panopoulos and his staff have been able to get me back on my feet.

Dr. John and Dr. Betty are both excellent doctors

I’m a current patient at Active Health in Park Ridge. As of today (5/28/14) my wife became a current patient as well. When my wife complained about her back hurting I called and got an early morning appointment. By the time she left the office she was feeling a lot better and the pain was at a managed level. Getting back to the car she felt better still. Dr. John and Dr. Betty are both excellent doctors, the really know their field. When someone asks me about a chiropractor, I don’t hesitate to give them the name of Active Health. After today, my wife feels the same way.

Michael Kielar
Dr. Stasinos is a great chiropractor...

Dr. Stasinos is a great chiropractor…I have had back problems for almost 15 years now and she was able to diagnose me and treat me faster and more efficiently then any of the previous 4 doctors I have seen. I receive treatments from Dr. Stasinos on a weekly basis and she has kept my injury from reoccurring which has always been a problem for me. Dr. Stasinos is extremely versed in her field and you can sense that she really does care for you as a patient. I will never go to any other chiropractor besides Dr. Stasinos.

Theo K.Chicago, IL
Dr. Stasinos was incredibly knowledgeable and patient

I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Betty Stasinos as my chiropractic physician since 2005.  I had been to other chiropractors in the past, however they had a very difficult time adjusting my neck. I felt helpless as I continued to suffer from incapacitating migraines and neck pain.  When I met with Dr. Stasinos she was incredibly knowledgeable and patient. She did not rush through my visit and really listened to everything I said. She completely understood my condition and explained all aspects of her plan of care for me.  I had never had a doctor keep me so informed before.  She was able to diagnose and isolate the issue. Dr. Stasinos corrected the misalignment in my neck using evidence-based knowledge, up to date techniques, and critical thinking skills.  This was all done while keeping me informed, educated, and at ease the entire way. Dr. Stasinos is also knowledgeable on many aspects of health and wellness as an adjunct to chiropractic care.  She places an emphasis on the whole person and healthy living, which is the ultimate key to prevention. This is demonstrated by her knowledge, passion, professionalism, and advocacy for each patient.  I was interested to find that Dr. Stasinos promotes healthy living through alternative health medicine such as acupuncture, cupping, massage, trigger point therapy, nutrition, and much more. Because of Dr. Stasinos’s chiropractic care, I no longer suffer from incapacitating migraines and neck pain.  I also feel healthier and more in control of my health than I ever have before. I owe this to the care, tools, and education I received from Dr. Stasinos.  I couldn’t recommend a better chiropractor!!!

Mary H. Chicago, IL
Dr.Panopoulos and staff exceeded my hopes and care for recovery

Dr.Panopoulos and staff exceeded my hopes and care for recovery. From start to finish including an evening call by Dr.Panopoulos after my surgery. I was truly impressed by the process.

sandersonethan n.
He is very patient and has no problem answering any questions

Dr. John has helped me with my nutritional needs. He is a very concerned doctor and if I leave him a message, he will return my call within a business day. He is very patient and has no problem answering any questions his patients may have.