Weight Loss for Liver Dominant Body Composition

Do You Have These Physical Traits?

Brown Age Spots

Cherry Hemangioma

Large Stomach

Common Liver Dominant Symptoms

Fatty Food Cravings

Digestive Upset

Dry Hangover

If your test results indicate that you are Liver Dominant:

A dysfunctional liver can result in a potbelly-like appearance. The protruding abdomen is not always fat however, but rather fluid that can leak into the abdominal area due to liver function compromise. The medical term for this condition is called ascites, which derives from the Greek word meaning bladder, belly, or wineskin. An ultrasound can confirm the clinical presence of ascites but when you push the abdominal region from side to side, it behaves reminiscent of a water balloon.

Those with advanced liver stress tend to feel hung-over in the mornings, without having consumed alcohol the night before. This hangover effect can be from excess sugar and or chronic toxin exposure from the diet and/or environment. Individuals with advanced liver stress may also have AGE spots (Advanced Glycation End Products) due to the liver’s role in glucose metabolism. In addition, advanced cases may exhibit yellowing of the eyes and skin.

The Liver

Located Under The Lower Rib Cage On The Right Side
Processes Excess Hormones
Breaks Down Fats
Clears Toxins
Primarily UtilizesB, A, & C Vitamins plus Sulfur Compounds

If these symptoms do not describe you, start over with another type

This information is for educational purposes only. These statements and resulting report is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Only your doctor can tell if your symptoms are directly related to your endocrine system or another medical condition.

A structured diet and regimen of herbs and supplements can help tame and heal your thyroid. This protocol may include the following:

  • General Liver Support
  • Blood Sugar Support
  • Hormone Elimination

Smoothie Suggestion: Blend a quarter cup each of kale, pineapple with 1 tspn. sunflower seeds and 1 cup kefir. Add 1 tspn. protein powder and turmeric powder each.

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