The Shoulder Internal Rotation stretch will help improve your shoulder’s range of motion and prevent future shoulder injuries.

  1. While standing, place your involved arm behind your back at waist level.
  2. Place your uninvolved hand behind your head and grasp a towel between your hands.
  3. Leading with your top arm, pull the towel up until you feel a stretch in your involved shoulder.
  4. Gradually increase the stretch over the period of one minute.
  5. Perform this stretch twice per day.

This stretch may alternately be performed as a contract/relax stretch by gently pulling downward on the towel with your involved arm against the steady resistance of your other arm for seven seconds. Relax and gently pull the towel upward with your top arm to increase the stretch in your shoulder. “Lock in” to each new position and repeat three contract/relax cycles twice per day or as directed.