• Primarily Promotes Fat Loss, While Supporting Muscle Mass;
  • Education for Post Diet Weight Maintenance;
  • One-on-one Weight Loss Coaching;
  • Delicious food – instant, easy to prepare and ready to serve options
  • Losing
  • Weight can Improve Overall Well Being; and
  • Medically Developed, Sensible Weight Loss Protocol

The Ideal Protein Method protocol includes one-on-one weekly coaching, this is to ensure you learn how to make the best choices. Part of what you will learn is how to eat so that you will burn your stored fat as energy. With this information once you have lost the weight you will have the knowledge necessary to continue to keep the weight off.

The products that are offered use the highest quality protein and the creators of Ideal Protein also thought about your taste buds. The products offer Spicy, Sweet & Salty items because it is much easier to lose the weight when you enjoy what you are eating.  Also there are ready to serve items and also easy to prepare items.

In addition, the website offers recipes for the different phases of the program. The Ideal Protein Method Is a weight loss program that helps you lose the weight but not lose your muscle. The reason many people have so much success with this method is because not only do they lose weight, but they develop a healthier lifestyle to help maintain their leaner bodies. Contact us today, to learn more about The Ideal Protein Method and how we can guide you to lose the extra weight and maintain a healthful diet 847-739-3120

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