Does Screen Time Change Children’s Brains?

A new study of pre-kindergarten children found an association between increased screen time and changes in the parts of the brain that are used for language and reading.

These changes affect:

  • language development
  • sleep
  • impairs cognition
  • decreases parent-child engagement.

As chiropractors, we see the physical effects of tech use, but there can be long-standing mental and development effects as well… For healthy screen time limits, especially in younger children, the AHA recommends no more that 2 hours. As a parent, you should encourage replacing screen time with more physical activity.  Since phones are most responsible for a lot of excess screen time, check out and share this healthy phone use infographic to learn more about avoiding e-harm.

Healthy Screen Time Infographic

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Source: Hutton JS, Dudley J, Horowitz-Kraus T, DeWitt T, Holland SK. Associations Between Screen-Based Media Use and Brain White Matter Integrity in Preschool-Aged Children. JAMA pediatrics. 2019 Nov 4:e193869-.