Improperly supported feet can affect the alignment of all of the structures above read on for footwear tips.

To improve your overall comfort, follow these tips:
✅ Choose shoes with good arch support.
✅ Avoid going barefoot or wearing shoes that lack support (i.e. flip-flops). The
following brands of sandals provide better than average arch support: Naot, Fit
Flops, Orthoheels, Abeo, Vionic and Yellow box.
✅ Avoid high-heeled shoes or boots (keep heels to a maximum of 1½ inches,
especially if you are going to be doing a lot of walking).
✅ “Cross-trainer” athletic shoes tend to provide the best all-around support and
shock absorption for daily activities.
✅ Patients with fallen arches should consider adding arch supports or orthotics.
✅ Repair or replace shoes with worn soles or heels.