Do Your Kiddos Need a Chiropractor?

Parents are beginning to realize that taking care of their children’s needs early can prevent a lifetime of unhealthy habits. Just like visiting a dentist early to help a child’s teeth grow in straight, starting your kids chiropractic care early can lead to a lifetime of good physical health.

We believe different life stages in a child’s development can benefit from regular chiropractic care. Below is a list of important areas where we can help:

Pre-Natal and Pregnancy:

Acupuncture and chiropractic care can help parents conceive, and special chiropractic techniques can assist the mother with pregnancy and delivery. At Active Health, Dr. Betty Stasinos is specifically trained in the Webster Technique, which helps facilitate the mother’s pelvic alignment and nerve system function. This in turn balances pelvic muscles and ligaments, reduces torsion to the uterus.


During this time of neurological and spinal development, infants can benefit from gentle adjustments to insure proper alignment and brain body communication. Specific issues such as poor breastfeeding ability and colic can also benefit from chiropractic care.


Early assessment of a child’s crawling and standing ability can pinpoint areas of improvement if needed. As an expert in spine and muscle development, a chiropractor can assist you with your child’s mobility and help guide her to her full potential as she grows.

Childhood Injuries and Posture:

As a child begins to attend school, play sports and perform other activities, some children are more rough and tumble and the incidences of minor injury can increase. They may also start developing bad posture while performing everyday activities, playing video games, watching TV, etc. Periodic checkups with a chiropractor can prevent permanent damage as the child grows. Children who participate in sports may also benefit from specific therapies to strengthen and protect malleable bones, tendons and muscle.

Safety Concerns:

Several reviews of the literature in recent years have examined the safety of pediatric chiropractic:

  • A 2011 review by Matthew Doyle found a rate of .53 percent to 1 percent mild adverse events for pediatric chiropractic manipulative therapy.*
  • A 2009 survey study by Alcantara et al. surveyed both chiropractors and parents of pediatric patients in a practice-based chiropractic research network. Chiropractor responders indicated three adverse events per 5,438 office visits from the treatment of 577 children. The parent responders indicated two adverse events from 1,735 office visits involving the care of 239 children.4 (This study has been criticized for some methodological weaknesses, however.)**
  • A 2007 analysis by Vohra et al., involving two randomized trials and 11 observational reports, found nine serious adverse events and five mild to moderate adverse events, as well as 20 cases of delayed diagnosis for other conditions. ***

The conclusion is that chiropractic care for children is extremely safe, with much fewer incidences of adverse reactions than traditional medicine (including medications).

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