Read the outcomes of one study that was used to determine the value of Medical Doctor and Chiropractic collaboration for Pain Management

The Ontario Ministry of Health has funded a study to determine the value of MD/DC collaboration in the management of lower back pain. Study participants were evaluated by their primary care physician and a chiropractor, in the same office. Physicians and chiropractors partnered to discuss decision-making for; appropriateness of advanced imaging, specialist referral, patient education/ self-management and care plans. The pain management study’s outcomes are as followed:

  • High patient satisfaction (94% of patients said they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied”) with care.
  • High provider satisfaction. All physicians made reference to the value in referring Low Back Pain patients to the consulting chiropractor assessment.
  • The majority of physicians perceived the consulting chiropractor’s assessment and management of Low Back Pain as being of higher quality than physicians.
  • Increased patient confidence in diagnosis and treatment options.
  • • Decrease in referrals for imaging and specialists (71% of physicians reporting).

Endicott, A. Working with MD’s to Treat Back Pain, Dynamic Chiropractic, Vol. 30:20, September 2012.

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