adrenal fatigue syndromStill in the process of being recognized as a disorder by traditional practitioners, the symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome are very real. For many of us, our bodies have not yet adapted to the stress prevalent in our 21st century world. While some environmental factors such as smoking and chemical pollution has decreased, we are nonetheless eating and sleeping poorly and relaxing less.

Simply put, we are overworking our adrenal gland due to stress. Your adrenal gland is responsible for producing adrenaline and cortisol to help you cope with stress. In addition to stress, allergies and high sugar/carbohydrate diet also result in an increased burden to the adrenal glands.  Constant stress can overwork this gland and eventually our bodies stop responding to stress in a healthy way. 

James Wilson, PhD, the author of Adrenal Fatigue, writes that some symptoms (among others) include:

  • Poor sleep, difficulty getting to sleep and awakening
  • Tiredness, feelings of weakness and depression
  • Trouble thinking clearly or finishing your tasks
  • Unexpected weight gain especially around the middle
  • Caffeine dependence
  • Low libido
  • Craving sugary foods such as chocolate in middle of the day
  • Salt craving 

If you have real concerns you may be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, we recommend that you see a health care professional before treating. Thyroid and Adrenal diseases such as Addison’s or Cushing’s syndrome often share the same symptoms. We cannot stress the importance of being diagnosed by a medical professional before embarking on a course of action.

The Chiropractic Physicians at Active Health offer a multi-disciplined approach to supporting Adrenal Fatigue. Treatments offered may include: 

Diet and Nutrition – In addition to regulating stress the adrenal gland helps the body maintain sugar levels between meals in a chemical process called gluconeogenesis.  A diet low in simple carbohydrates and sugars along with adequate amounts of protein and healthy fats can have healing properties for your overall health by reducing the demands your body puts on your pancreas and adrenal glands to maintain proper levels of glucose in the blood. If diet and behavioral changes alone do not help your symptoms, herbs, nutritional supplements or homeopathic remedies can provide added support for your adrenal gland.  There is a long list of supplements with which have been purported to provide support to the adrenal glands.  Some of the most commonly used supplements include Vitamin C, B vitamins, Bacopia, Eleuthero (Ginseng), Licorice, Rhodiola, and Withania.  Always consult with your healthcare professional to discuss the potential side effects and drug interactions with the use of nutritional, herbal and homeopathic supplements.   

Massage and Acupuncture – Stress management is probably the single most important factor in healing your adrenal gland. The healing properties from massage and acupuncture can help you de stress and aid the process of recovery to a normally functioning adrenal gland.

Exercise, Yoga and Tai chi – The number one rule in eliminating stress is to find a way to decompress.  Adding exercise, yoga or tai chi to your weekly routine is an excellent way to distress and rebalance your body. 

If you have concerns that you may have Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, give the professionals at Active Health a call today, 847-739-3120.