A recent study of runners with knee pain found that a 10% faster step rate resulted in several improvements:

☑️ better running mechanics

☑️ lower pain level

☑️ stronger function

These results were maintained at a 3-month follow-up! Take a look at this great guide to better running form:

Running with Form

Are you a runner? Give our office a call to see how our care can help help with knee pain and to GET and KEEP you on the right track. ?

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Source: Bramah C, Preece SJ, Gill N, Herrington L. A 10% Increase in Step Rate Improves Running Kinematics and Clinical Outcomes in Runners With Patellofemoral Pain at 4 Weeks and 3 Months. The American journal of sports medicine. 2019 Oct 28:0363546519879693.