side plank

Exercise of the Month – Side Plank Pose

Extended Instructions for Side Plank Lie on the floor on a soft rug or yoga mat. Raise up on your hands ...
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bone density study women

Bone Density Study: Women Athletes Retain Normal Density

It has been assumed for many years that in women, after approximately 35 years old, there is a slow but ...
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Dehydration – Don’t Do It! Here’s why:

We talk about the importance of hydration a lot when the weather starts getting warmer and for good reason. It’s ...
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Diet and Exercise Tip of the Month (Lifting Weights)

Lifting lighter weights for higher repetitions (12-20 reps) will build strength and endurance while lifting heavier weights for fewer repetitions ...
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May – Exercise of the Month – Bruegger Relief

Attention workstation jockeys: you need a break! Sitting stationary for an extended time leads to imbalances that can strain muscles ...
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sitting bad for health

Sitting at your desk all day is bad for your health

How to ward off negative health effects of sitting all day We know that sitting for prolonged periods of time ...
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February 27, 2016

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