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hip fractures

What kind of music do chiropractors listen to? Hip pop!

But let’s talk about the bad kind of pop...hip fractures. Research has shown that taking daily supplements of both Vitamin ...
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screentime depression

Computer Use Linked to Depression

Back Away From The Screen! A recent study of office workers with low back pain found a significant correlation between ...
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shoulder MRI

Experiencing Shoulder Pain? Hold the MRI…

A recent study suggested that if your shoulder injury did not involve trauma, weakness, or suspected full-thickness tears, the use ...
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Low Back Pain

A recent study looked at different risk factors for low back pain, and found that the biggest risk factor for ...
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talk fascia

Let’s Talk About Fascia…

Fascia is the tissue in our body that wraps around, connects, and transmits forces between muscles. Sometimes, this tissue can ...
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Chiro Care Works for Neck Pain

Mountain Sickness

A recent study found that patients who received manual therapy on their neck were more likely to experience relief of ...
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October 14, 2017