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pop your own back

Stop Popping Your Own Back! Don’t self-adjust a sore back

Although self-adjusting may produce temporary relief, you should avoid the temptation for several reasons. 👇 Resist the temptation to pop ...
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Joint Mobilization Leads To Improved Muscle Function And Strength 💪

A new study found that joint mobilization has an immediate effect on muscle function and strength. It’s no surprise why ...
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water for migraines

Migraines? Are You Drinking Enough Water? 💦

A recent study found that migraine headaches are linked to inadequate water intake. Check out this new infographic for tips ...
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rotator cuff surgery

Thinking About Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Thinking About Rotator Cuff Surgery? A recent study on rotator cuff problems found that surgery may provide little to no ...
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key to healthy joints

Keep Joints Healthy with These 7 Tips

Most people don’t give much thought to their joints until they start to notice symptoms of wear, but prevention is ...
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foam rolling pain relief

Increase Your Range of Motion with Foam Roller Exercises

Self-mobilization to Treat Neck Pain A new study shows great results from self massage using a foam roller. Foam rollers ...
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October 14, 2017