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spinal manipulation

A New Study Looked At The Impact That Spinal Manipulation Has On The Brain. Here’s What It Found: 👇

Spinal manipulation improves how your body handles pain. 👍 Spinal manipulation is one of the treatments we use in our ...
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Conservative Care for Sciatica

Conservative Care for Sciatica

Conservative Care for Sciatica A recent review of lumbar radiculopathy patients found that those who had surgery and those who ...
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conservative care helps soldiers

Conservative Care Helps Soldiers with Chronic Pain

Conservative Care Helps Soldiers A recent study found that US Army service members with chronic pain that were treated with ...
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cause of jaw pain

What Causes Jaw Pain 😬

What Causes Jaw Pain? A new study concluded that jaw pain is associated with: nail biting teeth grinding mouth breathing ...
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knee pain help

Experiencing Knee Pain? It could be due to your glutes! 🍑

Strengthening the gluteal muscles can help with knee pain. One exercise that might help is the Advanced Clam. See video ...
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pregnancy causes low back pain

💥News flash: Pregnancy Can Cause An Increase In Low Back Pain!

Surprise! Pregnancy Causes Low Back Pain While this is probably no secret, it is interesting to note that a recent ...
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October 14, 2017

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