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Conservative Care Helps Soldiers with Chronic Pain

A recent study found that US Army service members with chronic pain that were treated with conservative care had LESS ...
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Experiencing Knee Pain? It Could Be Due To Your Glutes! 🍑

Strengthening the gluteal muscles can help with knee pain. One exercise that might help is the Advanced Clam. 👇 If ...
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migraine triggers

Migraine Triggers… 😓

Migraine headaches affect up to one in six people and cause more work-related disability and lost productivity than any other ...
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Spinal Manipulation for Headache Relief

Spinal Manipulation for Headache Relief

Last month, yet another study found that spinal manipulation is more effective than other types of therapy for treating neck-related ...
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rethinking chronic pain

Rethinking Chronic Pain

Experiencing long-term pain can lead to changes in our brain that amplify symptoms- essentially, our brain becomes more efficient at ...
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prevent winter injuries

Prevent Winter Injuries

The colder months of winter have begun, which brings a new set of challenges to prepare yourself for, so you ...
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October 14, 2017