adolescent weight lifting link to pain

Adolescent Weight Lifting Linked to Low Back Pain

A new study found that adolescent and younger competitive weightlifters have an increased risk of low back stress fractures, disc ...
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holistic migraine help

An Integrated Approach for Migraine Help

More and more patients are seeking a natural solution for migraine headaches. Recent studies have shown that a few natural ...
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chronic neck pain relief

Chronic Neck Pain Relief

Yet another study has shown that chiropractic manipulation eases discomfort and improves function for patients with chronic neck pain. Click ...
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Stabilization Exercises for Back Pain

Yet another study has confirmed that patients with low back pain have less pain and improved function if they perform ...
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what do chiropractors do

What Do Chiropractors Do

“What Do Chiropractors Do?” That’s a question that we see, and it’s a good one! Some people believe that Chiropractors ...
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pregnancy low back pain

Pregnancy and Low Back Pain

A study of 1500 pregnant women with low back pain found that pain & disability typically increase throughout pregnancy. Fortunately, ...
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