Opioids Have MORE Side Effects and Are No More Effective

In one of the top 10 medical studies from 2018, researchers concluded that opioid pain medications have MORE side effects ...
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sitting too much

Are You Sitting More or Less?

Are You Sitting More or Less? Americans are spending more time sitting compared to 15 years ago. What is this ...
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low carb diet

Considering a Low-Carb Diet?

Think again.The Journal of the American Medical Association has weighed in on the benefits of a low-carb diet such as ...
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sciatica and driving

Weighing-In on Driving and Sciatica

We’ve known for quite some time that truck drivers and workers who sit on “vibrating” machinery have high rates of ...
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migraine help

Do you experience migraines?

Chiropractic care can help.New research concluded that spinal manipulation, a frequent treatment in chiropractic care, could help to reduce migraine ...
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bladder infection help

Do you suffer from frequent bladder infections?

Latest research suggests that women with recurrent bladder infections may experience FEWER infections by simply drinking more water.Experts recommend that ...
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October 14, 2017

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