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wake up sore

Waking Up Sore?

Consider this if you wake up sore... You might want to consider adjusting your sleeping patterns. Your mattress, pillow, and ...
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safer lifting

Have You Been Lifting? And We’re Not Just Talking About Weights!

How do you lift? Whether you are doing some spring cleaning, yard work, or lifting kids, make sure you are ...
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Muscle Pain From Gardening

Muscle Pain From Gardening

Be sure to treat your outdoor hobby like a workout – warming up beforehand and taking time to cool down ...
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cell phone back pain

Don’t Let Your Cell Phone Cause You Neck Pain

Improper cell phone use can lead to neck strain! Luckily, some exercises can help. 👍 Cervical Retraction is one exercise ...
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7 Stress-Busting Techniques ✌️

☑️ Progressive muscular relaxation☑️ Deep breathing☑️ Meditation☑️ Yoga☑️ Tai Chi☑️ Hydrotherapy☑️ Bio-feedback Your body deserves a chance to relax! Check ...
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standing pain

What Noises Do You Make When Getting Out Of A Chair? 🤔

Back pain when you stand up? Unfortunately, many of us find that the simple act of arising from a chair ...
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October 14, 2017