bladder infection help

Do you suffer from frequent bladder infections?

Latest research suggests that women with recurrent bladder infections may experience FEWER infections by simply drinking more water.Experts recommend that ...
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footwear tips

Footwear Tips

Improperly supported feet can affect the alignment of all of the structures above read on for footwear tips.To improve your ...
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chiropractic manipulation

Chiropractic Manipulation- The Natural Medicine

New research has proven that spinal manipulation not only restores function, but also increases blood levels of natural pain blocking ...
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heel pain help

Help for Your Heel Pain

The most common cause of heel pain is a condition called “plantar fasciitis.” If you’ve even experienced this condition, you ...
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Chiropractor’s Advice How To Prevent (And Treat) Runner’s Knee

If you've ever had Runners Knee, you know how painful it is and how hard it is to treat. “Runner’s ...
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Skip the Pills for Sprains and Strains

Are you using ibuprofen for your pain? New research points to the fact that the usage of medication like ibuprofen ...
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October 14, 2017

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