Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition
butter chicken recipe

New! Active Health Joins the Shape Reclaimed Family!

SHAPE ReClaimed for Extraordinary Results! SHAPE ReClaimed™ isn’t your typical dietary product that generally leads to hunger, tiredness and failure ...
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Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Coconut Oil May Be the Latest Weapon in the Battle of the "Bulge" Americans seem to be on a constant battle ...
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migraine headache pain relief

Migraine Headache Pain Triggers

Migraine headaches are frequently "triggered" by the foods we eat The best way to identify foods that may be triggering ...
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organic food health benefits

Health Benefits of Going Organic – Just the Facts

Step into any grocery store and you are sure to be bombarded with signs promoting the health benefits of going ...
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omega 3 flaxseed oil

Healthy Lifestyles – “Flaxseed Oil”

Healing Benefits for Many Diseases An excellent source of Omega 3 oil is flax seed oil. Flax seed oil has been shown ...
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Are Herbicides (Glyphosate) and its Use Waging War on Our Gut and Microbiome?

For years, there has been an argument by anti-GMO campaigners that the popular herbicide glyphosate and its use in GMO ...
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Active Daily Living Advice – (Migraine Triggers)

If you suffer from migraines, it’s important to know what to avoid and how to prevent them The best way ...
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gut microbes stroke damage

Gut Microbes and Their Hidden Role in the Severity of Strokes and Brain Damage

How can gut microbes (bacteria) affect the the severity of a stroke? Since the gut and brain have two different functions ...
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dirty dozen fruits and vegetables guide

Downloadable Image of the Dirty Dozen

The latest report from the Environmental working groups found the following fruits and vegetables to contain pesticides. This complete list of ...
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Dehydration – Don’t Do It! Here’s why:

We talk about the importance of hydration a lot when the weather starts getting warmer and for good reason. It’s ...
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February 27, 2016

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