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in Park Ridge, IL

Our integrative approach to alternative therapies focuses on a whole body wellness plan – Including Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture Therapy, Diet and Nutrition and Holistic Medicine.

Our Philosophy

Our practice is based on the belief that every patient and every condition is unique, and our treatment plans are customized to your individual lifestyle. We treat the problem, not just the symptoms. We are in network with most insurance plans, check to see if yours is included.

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Chiropractic Medicine

Active Health utilizes the latest techniques in Chiropractic Medicine to relieve pain and return our patients to optimum health in the shortest time possible. We offer a hands-on, drug-free approach to wellness and pain relief.

active health acupuncture therapy

Acupuncture Therapy

Active Health employs the use of Acupuncture Therapy to help relieve pain, aid fertility, relieve stress and to enable the body’s natural restorative properties.

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Weight Loss

Dieting Shouldn’t Last Forever! Embracing Smarter Eating Habits is the ONLY Path to Balanced Living. The first step to your goal is on this page.

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Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine treats the whole body, diet, exercise, lifestyle instead of symptoms. Help underlying issues to relieve symptoms and speed recovery. You are not your disease!

clinical nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition – a scientific approach to personalized diet advice and supplements based on your individual needs.

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Rehabilitative Therapy

Rehabilitative Therapy supports your body’s effort to heal and relieve pain from accidents, injuries, falls and disease.

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We Accept All Insurance For: Workers Compensation and Personal Injury

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The doctors at Active Health Ltd are proud to be ranked at or near the top tier with all participating insurance carriers.

In order to improve quality of care and limit costs insurance companies have created a system of ranking doctors based on their outcomes.  Every doctor is rated for quality of performance and placed in various tiers.  Doctors in low tiers are required go through an approval process before providing treatment.  Top tier doctors are not required to have pre authorization before treating patients or are allowed to treat patients for several visits before preauthorization is required.  Our top ranking allows our staff to treat your condition right away without the delay of insurance authorizations.


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Tier 1 (Top Tier)

Tier 5 (Tier 5 of 6)

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Top Tier

Top Tier

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No Preauthorization required

No Preauthorization required

Preauthorization required after 12 visits of treatment

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Preauthorization required

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No Preauthorization required

No Preauthorization required

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