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Pain relief, and prevention. Promotes healing and wellness. Can be effective relief from chronic pain and disease.

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Non-invasive healing technique. Open pathways to renewal and regeneration of damaged tissue. Effective relief for sports injuries.

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Diets don’t have to be difficult! The Ideal Protein plan fits your goals and your lifestyle. Medically supervised and effective.

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A Park Ridge Chiropractor winner of the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards.

Active Health Holistic Medicine in Park Ridge, IL

Our integrative approach to alternative therapies focuses on a whole body wellness plan - Holistic Medicine.
The staff at Active Health is committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients. Our practice is based on the belief that every patient and every condition is unique. Our patients receive a thorough examination and custom treatment plan that fits our patients’ lifestyle and needs. We treat the problem, not just the symptoms. We are in network with most insurance plans. Your consultation will include a review of your coverage.


I’ve been going to Dr. Panopoulos for 3 years now for a good reason I play hockey in a mens league. I have had multiple injuries over the years both big ang small. Dr Panopoulos and his staff have been able to get me back on my feet.
  • Diet and Exercise Tip of the Month (Lifting Weights)

    Lifting lighter weights for higher repetitions (12-20 reps) will build strength and endurance while lifting heavier weights for fewer repetitions (6-10 reps) builds strength and bulk, but the heavier weights also pose a greater chance for injury. Avoid lifting heavy until you’ve built a solid foundation. If you’re just beginning, opt for lighter weights/higher reps […]Read More
  • Smartphones and Hazards to Your Health

    Our Smartphone Addiction is Playing Havoc with Our Bodies In today’s world, it’s become normal to see everyone around you with a smartphone glued to the side of their head, their eyes fixated on the small screen as if in a trance, or their thumbs typing faster than the speed of light. The devices make our […]Read More
  • Shunning the Sun is as Hazardous as Smoking

    The Benefits of Sunshine With the American Lung Association stating that smoking kills 201,770 women in the U.S. yearly and the Melanoma Foundation, noting that there will be 29,510 invasive melanoma cases reported in females in 2016, it’s hard to believe that nonsmokers who shun the sun have a shorter life expectancy than smokers who […]Read More

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